Compost Tea Anyone? Part 2

Depending on the size of your garden you can use a small bucket to a 5 gallon bucket for your compost tea concoction.  Make sure your buckets are clean and you have found a place to store them out of the sunlight, as the sun can strangely mess up your tea.  Fill it loosely halfway with dark fresh decomposed compost then fill the rest with water leaving some space at the top.  Stir it with a long stick every day, because the secret is that oxygen that creates this magic organic tea.  It will be ready to use in one week.  You can drain the mixture using a cheesecloth, burlap, screen, old clothing, or anything else you have handy.

This stuff is potent though so watch out!  You must mix ten parts water with one part compost tea so your plants will be safe from a possible nitrogen burn.  Pour around the root systems of your thirsty green garden.  Your natural nectar should look like a weak cup of tea.  You can put the left over solid chunks around your plants or use them again for your next batch.  Use your tea immediately after it is ready for the best results.

Your leaves will also flourish from a direct spray of the compost tea which will prevent wilt, blight or mould.  To get your elixir to adhere to the leaves, some gardeners add a drop of vegetable oil or mild dish soap.    Because this fertilizer is liquid the plants soak up all the benefits immediately but it is also more quickly washed out of the soil, so frequent applications are necessary.

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