3 Common Gardening Mistakes & How To Avoid Them

Even the most experienced gardeners make mistakes.  Most can be avoided with proper education.  These are the three most common gardening mistakes:

1.  The wrong amount of water

Just like people, plants can suffer from having too much or too little water.  These problems often present the same superficial symptoms such as yellowing and wilt.  If your plants are dying due to a lack of water, check the ground around them.  Good soil should be moist and loose, not hard, cracked or dusty.  Too much water will make the soil muddy.  Adjust your watering schedule and repot the plant if necessary.

2.  Accidentally spreading diseases

Many new gardeners are unaware that they spread diseases from one plant to the next on their gardening tools and through compost.  If one of your plants is showing signs of disease, you can trim the affected areas and dispose of them.  Do NOT put the infected cuttings in your compost and make sure to sterilize your garden shears afterwards.  A completely diseased plant should be removed entirely and burned or thrown in the trash.

3.  Planting at the wrong time

Planting without the right weather and soil conditions will lead to a stunted crop.  Before you plan your garden, check which USDA planting zone you’re located in and plan your garden accordingly.  A gardener in Florida may have a wonderful crop after sowing seeds in March, but a Pennsylvania gardener will most likely never see sprouts or lose any that do appear to frost.

Photos by: ell brown

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