Container Gardening Ideas

Those without much yard space may want to consider container gardening as a way to add some color and interest to their outdoor living spaces. Even gardeners who are fortunate enough to have adequate room in their yards to practice their hobby in will want to use containers as a way to add accent to patios and doorways. Almost anything that can be grown in a traditional garden will thrive in a container as long as proper drainage is present.

Gardening with culinary herbs in containers is a great way for the home to cook to always have a ready supply of available, fresh herbs to use in meal preparation. These containers can be placed close to the kitchen door for easy access. One of the benefits of growing herbs is that the process of snipping off a bit to use will result in further growth of the plants, ensuring that there will be plenty available for later use. Some people also like to grow common household vegetables in a container garden, and salad ingredients such as lettuce and radishes work especially well for this.

Those with an artistic bent may want to create a container garden that showcases their talents by using colorful ornamentals in flowerpots and planter boxes. A typical gardening method is to place taller plants in the center of the pot or the back of the planter, with medium sized plants in the middle, and trailing plants that spill over the edges at the front of the container.

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